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45835 Spadina Ave
Chilliwack BC
T. 604-792-4634
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Welcome to Cheam View United Church

Ours is a church family that practises inclusiveness, respect of all cultures and acceptance of all segments of society. The congregation of Cheam View United Church is an integral part of the downtown Chilliwack community, welcoming all who live in their neighbourhood and beyond. They have a long, rich history dating back to 1865. The building is wheelchair accessible to accommodate those with special mobility needs.



Cheam View United Church Closures During Carona Virus

  Hope you are staying safe.  With the continually changing circumstances that we now find ourselves, here is the latest from the Church.  In light of the ever increasing shut downs, we have decided to close the church entirely for the time being.  Lynn is going to move the office to her home.  She is having all phone calls to the office forwarded to her home, and will continue to answer the phones during regular office hours.  We won’t be opening the sanctuary during week days as originally planned, for the safety of our clergy.  We are organizing some people to do some phoning, to touch base with as many people as possible once in a while, to be sure that people aren’t feeling too isolated, and to be sure that we are meeting the needs of as many of our members as possible during the next few weeks.  We will also try and continue to send out these emails from time to time, as the situation changes.  If you, or someone you know, is need of support, please let us know, either by contacting one of our clergy directly, or call someone from Council, and we will do our best to meet your needs.  I’ll list a few contact numbers below.  Please be safe.
Louise Cummings                       604-652-1090       
Doug Astle                                 604-798-6652       
Connie Thompson                       604-615-0605      
Doug Rutley                               604-793-3458       

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