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Our Church Council
At our Annual June meeting the Members of our Church Congregation elect members to serve on Council and we are mandated to oversee and conduct the business of Chilliwack United Church.
Ten times a year from September to June our Council meets, once a month on the second Wednesday 1:30 PM. On occasion council will convene emergent meetings to focus on issues requiring more time and care. Council always encourages our church members to feel most welcomed to sit in as observers at any and all Council Sessions.
To give a brief idea of what council does, we prepare, implement and evaluate long term planning. Council also reviews, approves and revises as necessary, guidelines for Ministry Units and Task Groups to keep them focused, relevant and connected to the Congregation’s purpose and goals, and much, much more.
From experience, We can assure all who read this on our exciting New Web Site that “This“ Council is simply a most wonderful group of talented and dedicated individuals who simply make my job as chair easy.
By utilizing our web site you can now instantly learn and be better informed as to what council actually does and what is happening around our Church Community of Faith.
All the leaders of our Church Unit Ministries report to Council each month and share ideas and decisions arrived at. Active dialogue unfolds … always.
Our key Unit Ministries are: Growth, Support, Celebration, Mission and Nurture, Check our web site to read details of what’s new with all our Ministry Units!
Our beloved United Church Women ( UCW ) has a key representative on Council. We have 2 members who attend all regular Presbytery Sessions and report back to Council.
Church Treasurer keeps Council up to date with all matters of our churches finances.
The members of council may change yearly depending on the membership of the various Ministries. The council is the glue that holds the church together and keeps everything running smoothly. Come join one of our Ministries, get on council and help the glue!

Church Council 2017
Chilliwack United Church Council Members 2016-2017

Nurture Ministry
The Nurture committee provides care, compassion and fellowship to adherents and members by the following activities:
Hospital patients are visited when someone is admitted. Volunteers for visiting are always most welcome. Please let us know if this service would interest you.
The Nurture group joins Rev. Heather Anderson at Birchwood and Lynnwood Retirement Homes once a month for a worship service. The residents enjoy the fellowship and especially the music-old familiar hymns are always a favourite with them
Nurture organizes greeters at the door each Sunday and sends cards to the bereaved and sick. All newcomers are phoned and sent a letter of welcome. Cards are passed along the pews each Sunday to make sure we don’t miss anyone new.
Every week someone from Nurture takes a recording and a bulletin of the service to folks unable to attend the service.
Nurture meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 1:30 P.M. Newcomers are most welcome.

Chilliwack United Church Nurture Ministry Unit Members

Support Ministry
The role of the Support Ministry Unit at Chilliwack United Church is to provide financial and physical resources for all ministries, through education and stewardship, for the benefit of our congregation and our community.
Physical Resources
With regards to the building and property, it is this ministry’s responsibility to plan, co-ordinate and oversee, all activities relating to the maintenance and improvements of our facility. This is achieved through maintaining a dialogue with our caretaker and janitor, consultation with various building trades, and vigilant monitoring of funds and budgets allocated for immediate and future maintenance costs.
Preventative maintenance and seeking cost effective strategies to reduce building operating costs are an important part of this ministry’s mandate.
Financial Resources
This ministry unit meets every month between September and June. Our Treasurer attends all meetings to inform our unit of our monthly budget position. The objective is to work towards a balanced budget and at the same time to meet the needs of our congregation’s ministry units.
Another important aspect of this units mandate is to oversee the management of a number of asset portfolio’s. These are managed by a Certified Financial Broker who works with our Treasurer and a key member of our support committee to ensure that our funds are ethically and responsibly invested.
This is a broad mandate, the purpose of which is to seek ways to enhance what it means to be a Christian at Chilliwack United Church. Within this context, it is part of this unit’s responsibility to help raise awareness and facilitate initiatives that align with our “mission statement” such that we move forward as a more vibrant and active congregation.
An important focus for the Support Ministry Unit, is always to seek ways to expand all available resources. This is for the benefit of our congregation, our local, and our global community.

Support 2018
2017-2018 Support Unit

Celebration Ministry
The mandate of the Celebration Unit is to work with the clergy, choir and congregation to enhance the worship, create continuity and follow the guidelines of the United Church of Canada. The unit meets the first Tuesday of each month, September through June and is made up of the clergy, music co-ordinator and elected members of the congregation.
Some of the responsibilities of the group are music, Holy Communion, weekly scripture readers, ushers, order of service; flowers in the Sanctuary as well as church decorations for the special seasons and organizing pulpit supply in absence of clergy. Easter and Christmas services as well as other celebrations during the year also fall under the mandate of the Celebration Unit.
The Celebration Unit would welcome anyone who would like to help with the planning or our worship services, so please join us.

Celebration 2018
Celebration Unit 2017-2018

Ministry & Personel Commitee
The Ministry and Personnel Committee functions for two fundamental reasons:
Firstly, it is to be a resource for the staff of the Church, including the Clergy, to provide support to the staff to carry out their work. This would include ensuring the health and safety of the staff, to ensure working conditions are suitable and to ensure that staff are happy in their work. For this reason, each member of the committee is assigned a member of the staff and is to check in with the staff person regularly to ensure they are happy. M&P meetings are held regularly to have committee members report on the status of their liaison.
Secondly, the M&P committee is to provide feedback, in the form of regular reviews, to each staff member to ensure they are meeting the expectations of the Council and congregation. Typically, reviews are held annually. Recommendations from the review are passed to the Council for action (such as wage increases or actions to correct deficiencies).
The M&P committee is also charged with the responsibility of filling non-clergy staff positions such as Organist, Music Director, Office Manager etc.

Ministry and Personel
Ministry and Personel 2014-2015

Growth Ministry
Growth is important to Chilliwack United- 'growth' of the congregation and personal 'growth' of the individual.
A small but hard-working group of people organize special events to promote fellowship and enrichment throughout the year.
They also provide Christian Education to people of all ages- Sunday School for children and teens (during the last part of Sunday worship), Minister-led Adult Bible Study (Wednesday mornings), frequent study groups led by the minister (usually on weekday evenings).
Help us to support each other as we explore the meaning of life and live with honesty and compassion Join our Growth committee and bring your own thoughts and ideas to help us all grow.

Growth Ministry
Growth Ministry 2014

“Sharing and Caring for others in Thankfulness for God’s goodness to us”
Our Mandate is to promote the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada
The Mission and Service fund reaches out to all corners of the Globe supporting issues of Justice, Equality and Stewardship.
The United Church works with global partners of many Christian denominations and other faiths to assist in the event of natural disasters, help people in impoverished regions to improve their quality of life and to promote awareness of the health of our Planet.
Nationally, the Mission and Service Fund is involve in many areas, some of which are: assists small congregations to remain viable, promotes the importance of providing financial aid to diverse congregations and assisting Theology institutions.
Our local congregation consistently supports the projects of the Mission Ministry unit, which include supporting the local Salvation Army Food Bank and participating in the Christmas Adopt-a-Family Programme. Each year in late Autumn we provide warm clothing items and toiletries to those in need.
We hold a Saturday Manna Soup Kitchen which provides a hot lunch to approximately 150 folks in the Church Hall every 3rd Saturday.
A wonderful corps of very dedicated volunteers make this happen
Each month a member of the Mission Ministry Unit brings a message of the Church’s Mission work in “A Minute for Mission”

Mission Ministry 2017
Mission Ministry 2016-2017

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