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Congregational Photo 2011
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45835 Spadina Ave
Chilliwack BC
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Welcome to Chilliwack United Church
Ours is a church family that practises inclusiveness, respect of all cultures and acceptance of all segments of society. The congregation of Chilliwack United Church is an integral part of the downtown Chilliwack community, welcoming all who live in their neighbourhood and beyond. They have a long, rich history dating back to 1865. The building is wheelchair accessible to accommodate those with special mobility needs.
Come and see us on Sunday at 10:30am. Or ask Rev. Heather Anderson or Lynn at the office chwkuc@shaw.ca for a casual visit with the minister, to find out more about us and where you might fit. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you come to church, hoping for a meaningful experience? Are you looking for singing that is rich, faithful and full of life?
Our Celebration Ministry loves to enhance our worship services to meet your needs, and we’re greatly helped by our stunningly beautiful sanctuary. If you’d like to be part of the fun of saying hello at the door, serving communion, or planning special services, contact Lynn, our Office Manager at chwkuc@shaw.ca for the next meeting date!

Do you want to learn more about God? Are there young people in your family who would like to learn how to be more like Jesus was – in a ‘cool’ way? Our small learning groups (children, youth, adults) allow us to support each other as we explore the meaning of life and how to live in honesty and compassion! If you have unique ways of encouraging understanding, let Lynn, our Office Manager at chwk@shaw.ca know! She’ll connect you with our Growth leader and you can take it from there!

Reach Out!
Do you want to help others without judging them? Without trying to ‘convert’ them? Then join with us at our Soup Kitchen, bring a can of beans for the Food Bank, work in the Thrift Store, or support our greater church’s efforts around the world (e.g. earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.) We’d love to meet you at our Mission Ministry meeting, which can be arranged through our Office Manager, Lynn, at chwk@shaw.ca.

Female Faith in Action!
Are you a woman who likes to have fun by accomplishing a short project (a few hours) within a team? Or would you rather create something for others in your own time and in your own space? Either is possible when you come together with our United Church Women! Lynn, our Office Guru, at chwk@shaw.ca will let you know when the next meeting will be happening.

If your passion is to phone or visit others who can’t easily get out or are in need of assurance that God cares, then get in touch with Lynn, our Office Manager, at chwk@shaw.ca. She’ll connect you with the minister while you explore this option. If it appeals to you, then come to our next Nurture Meeting. Also: drop into our bi-weekly mini-services at Lynnwood or Birchwood – you’re guaranteed coffee and cookies afterward!

Does the idea of promoting ‘green’ ways of running a building appeal to you? Do you like keeping a place in good repair?
Or do you prefer fundraising to help with God’s work in our faith community? If so, contact Lynn at chwk@shaw.ca and she’ll connect you with one of our people who would love to welcome you!

Question: What kind of place is Chilliwack United Church, as a faith community?
Answer: We’re a welcoming place that celebrates God’s presence and searches for answers together. We encourage you to take your time exploring your faith, offering a lighter touch when seeking God. We’re a warm collection of people of all ages that
works toward loving all of God’s people and children, without judging. This includes YOU!
We’d love to have you give us a try.

For a map and contact information click here!

Below, images of Chilliwack and surrounding area:

Fishing on the Vedder River
Golfing in Chilliwack
Hiking in Chilliwack
Downtown Chilliwack
View of Chilliwack/Sardis
Cultus Lake
Tulip FeildsChilliwack Farming
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