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45835 Spadina Ave
Chilliwack BC
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Click here for: The Manna Lunch Soup Kitchen Schedule for 2017
1st Saturday ---- Chilliwack United Church , 45835 Spadina Ave.
2nd and 3rd Saturdays---- Chilliwack United Church, 45835 Spadina Ave.

“Sharing and Caring for others in Thankfulness for God’s goodness to us”
Our Mandate is to promote the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church of Canada
The Mission and Service fund reaches out to all corners of the Globe supporting issues of Justice, Equality and Stewardship.
The United Church works with global partners of many Christian denominations and other faiths to assist in the event of natural disasters, help people in impoverished regions to improve their quality of life and to promote awareness of the health of our Planet.
Nationally, the Mission and Service Fund is involve in many areas, some of which are: assists small congregations to remain viable, promotes the importance of providing financial aid to diverse congregations and assisting Theology institutions.
Our local congregation consistently supports the projects of the Mission Ministry unit, which include supporting the local Salvation Army Food Bank and participating in the Christmas Adopt-a-Family Programme. Each year in late Autumn we provide warm clothing items and toiletries to those in need.
Along with four other Chilliwack Churches, we participate in the Saturday Manna Soup Kitchen which provides a hot lunch to approximately 150 folks in the Church Hall every 5th Saturday.
A wonderful corps of very dedicated volunteers make this happen
Each month a member of the Mission Ministry Unit brings a message of the Church’s Mission work in “A Minute for Mission”

Mission Ministry 2017
Mission Ministry 2016-2017

Manna Soup Kitchen

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