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Your Wedding

Thank you for inviting us to share in your wedding preparations

About our Facilities and Staff
The Sanctuary of Chilliwack United Church is a Gothic style building with a centre aisle and seats about 400 persons. There are a few parking spaces available in the lot adjacent to the Church. A loading zone is available for the bridal car at the front entrance of the building. The Church Hall is available for receptions.
Costs and booking arrangements are handled through the church’s Office Manager. The normal policies regarding no smoking and no alcohol will apply to wedding receptions. The capacity of our hall is approximately 200 people at tables.
Weddings at Chilliwack United Church will normally be celebrated in the Sanctuary, with our minister doing the wedding. Our organist normally will play for all weddings.
It is essential that you be on time for all your appointments. There may be other commitments requiring either the facilities or the time of the staff.

Booking Your Wedding
1. All arrangements must be made through the Office Manager, who normally works Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Your wedding must be booked through the Office Manager and all fees paid through her as well. When a rehearsal is required, it will be scheduled by our Wedding Hostess.

A completed booking form and non-refundable $100.00 deposit
are required to confirm your wedding date and time.

Please be aware that you should not make any public announcements or commitments until after your wedding is confirmed and the deposit is paid.

Weddings at Chilliwack United Church shall normally be performed by the minister of the congregation. Other clergy may be invited to officiate at the discretion of our minister and /or the Church Council. In the situation where our minister must be away and a wedding is booked /scheduled, the minister of Chilliwack United Church will arrange for a substitute minister. Every couple wishing to be married in Chilliwack United Church, then, must make their arrangements with and through the minister of Chilliwack United Church before contacting or planning for the involvement of another minister. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requests.

Request for Officiant Other Than Chilliwack United Church Clergy
If you are wishing to have an officiant, other than the minister at Chilliwack United Church, perform your wedding ceremony, you will need to request permission from Chilliwack United Church,
The United Church sees people as unique, loved creations of God and welcomes all pwople to the full life of Christian community, including marriage. We believe God intends loving relationships to be faithful, responsible, just, healing and sustaining of the couple and those around them, and that such relationships require preparation and nurture.

The United Church celebrates the marriage of:

  • Same –gender and heterosexual couple;
  • Previously divorced;
  • Couples of different religions;
  • All people who believe in Jesus Christ and want to live faithful to his way.

If your minister is in agreement with our understanding of marriage, we ask that you complete the questions that are in the wedding package.
If your minister is not in agreement with understanding of marriage, we would respectfully request that you consider and alternate venue for you wedding.

Your ceremony will not be booked and confirmed until a decision has been made. All decisions are final.

Normally, three months is the minimum advance notice required for booking a wedding.

Ushers should be provided for every wedding. The arrive one half hour ahead of the ceremony, see that flowers, candles and so forth are in readiness; escort guests to seats and assist your guests in cases of emergency or other problems. After the ceremony, they are responsible for removing flowers, candles, etc. They should also check the church for articles left behing.

Your rehearsal
Wedding should normally be rehearsed. The time is set with the Wedding Hostess, usually the evening before the wedding. Plan to spend about 1 hour and be sure to include all participants, including ushers and family members etc.

Please delegate one person as your official photographer. The question of photos (particularly with flashes) during e the ceremony will be discussed at the rehearsal. If you preference is that photos not be taken, or flashes not be used, this request will be conveyed on your behalf to your assembled quests as the ceremony begins.
Videotaping, without artificial lighting, is allowed. The camera(s) should be on tripods and not moved around during the service. POST-WEDDING PHOTOGRAHIC SESSIONS, FORMAL POSES AND SITTINGS, ETC, SHOULD BE PLANNED SOMEPLACE OTHER THAN THE CHURCH, as we often have other wedding scheduled.

The organist of the church is responsible for music at all weddings and is asked to ensure that music is in keeping with the occasion. You should bear in mind:

  • The marriage ceremony is a service of worship;
  • The instrument is a pipe organ and music with a strong rhythmic beat does not reproduce well;
  • A piano is also available in the church;
  • A sound system is available, at and additional cost for a trained operator.

Plan to consult the organist directly about your music. Her name and phone number will be provided to you. If you wish, you may leave it entirely in her hands, assured of a good selection. It is helpful for her to know if you prefer sacred, classic or light music. She is also available to offer suggestions. If you plan to involve other musicians, consult the organist well in advance.

These are the responsibility of the wedding party and include such things as flowers and stands, candles and candelabra. These items may be available from your florist.
Advance decorating or deliveries may be arranged through the church office, ensuring the building will be open. Decorations can be stored in the church and moved into place by the ushers. Remember- weddings prior to yours may preclude advance decorating.

  • Flowers - must be in watertight containers.
  • Candles - you must provide dripless candles, or plastic mats to protect carpets.
  • Pew Markers - may be attached with masking tape, twin or rubber bands. Please no thumb tacks or scotch tape,
  • Confetti - please make known to your friends that no confetti or tice is to be used in the church or around the entrance.

Ushers should remove decorations following the ceremony. All tape must be removed from the pews.

Some couples provide a memento for their guests in the form of a wedding bulletin, wich may list the wedding party, some of the ceremony, a greeting, etc. The church can photocopy your master for a fee of $0.15 per copy. The couple will need to provide blank stock for copying.

Guest Book
Some couples have a wedding book including places for guests to sign. This is best done at the reception rather than the church.

Wedding Costs:
To help make your wedding a meaningful and happy occasion, the church’s facilities and staff are available to you. The cost of these will be reflected in the package you receive when you inquire about your booking. These costs are set by the Church Council.
The following may help you understand what the cost provide:

For the Use of the Church
This reflects a donation to the cost of maintaining and operating the Sanctuary, thus making it available for your wedding and others. It includes secretarial services such as arranging appointments, completing the legal documents required to register the marriage with the Provincial Division of Vital Statistics and preparing the Wedding Book which you receive.

For the Minister
The minister, who is a professional, normally will be in attendance for pre-marriage sessions with you and the wedding. Your honorarium is a way of saying “thank you”

For the Custodian
After every wedding, the sanctuary is cleaned and made ready for the next service.

For the Organist
The organist, also a professional, provides advance consultation and guidance in planning the music and playing for the wedding itself. Your gift also reflects her time spent preparing and practicing for your wedding. Extra services are listed on the cost schedule.

For the Wedding Hostess
The Hostess will schedule and conduct your wedding rehearsal and be present at the ceremony as somewhat of a choreographer.

Other Costs
Additional costs may be incurred if you request additional services. Some of these are suggested on the package schedule. If what you desire is not listed there, please speak with the minister or Office Manager.


Wedding Rehearsals

  • Organist 32.00
  • Sound System & Operator 32.00

Off Premises Weddings

  • Minister 214.00 + Travel Travel costs are assessed at a rate of $0.42/km
  • Church (Admin Fees) $27

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